ASF-3000 Shuttle Feeder

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Vacuum-operated, Top Load, Top Feed. High Speed – up to 30,000 pcs/hour

  • Interfaces with Image System II
  • Works with IB-9000 Inline Inkjet Printer
  • Connects to other standalone systems
  • Uses a combination of vacuum and friction for regular and hard to feed media
  • Self-contained vacuum system
  • Includes vacuum plates for specific types of media:
  • 1. Single sheets of paper (20 lb bond minimum)
  • 2. Thin postcard stock
  • 3. Thick media up to 1/2 inch
  • 4. Folded media
  • 5. Also includes reversible media sleds and pushers for thin media up to 1/8 inch thick or thick media over 1/8 inch (like magazines) to improve feeding
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